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Boxing (from Eng. Boxing ) – pin type sports , combat , which is applied to each other athletes punches in special gloves. The referee controls the fight, which lasts up to 12 rounds. The victory is assigned to the case, if the opponent is knocked down and can not get up for ten seconds ( knock-out ) or if he is injured, does not allow to continue the fight (TKO). If after a set number of rounds the fight was not terminated, then the winner is determined by the evaluation of judges.
The earliest evidence of such events depicted another Sumerian , Egyptian and Minoan reliefs . Tournaments for fist fights, reminiscent of boxing, went back in ancient Greece . Truly boxing became combative sports in 688 BC. e., when the fights were first included in the program of the ancient Olympic Games . Modern boxing originated in England in the beginning of the XVIII century.

In boxing, there are four basic strokes: jab, cross, hook and uppercut.

  • Slope – move sideways-forward. Beat an opponent goes next to the head and it is possible to get attacked. It used against direct attacks.
  • Dive – squat with a slight forward tilt of the body, which is combined with the transfer of weight from one foot to the other. Used against side impacts, which in the case of the correct execution of protection held over his head.
  • Stand – Substituted by elbow, back of the forearm, palm, upper arm.
  • Cover – hitting a stop in the beginning by imposing hands on the gloves, forearms, shoulders enemy.
  • Repulsed – in the middle phase of the stroke impact his forearm to the hand of the enemy with the purpose to shift the direction of the blow to the side.
  • Blokazh – the use of arms, shoulders or elbows to protect against shock.
  • Clinch – shackling attack the enemy, “binding” of his hands.